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The meaning and effect of the statistical work of disappearing mill

The industry has been deeply aware of the disappearance of grinding production and production of statistical work of the inherent meaning of deep, eliminate the performance of the performance of the mill. This is because the disappearance of grinding in the whole operation of the process, after a series of intangible impetus to drive the disappearance of the manufacturing company operating guidelines can be standardized and useful to start.
1, the disappearance of grinding manufacturing is a special production technology skills, eliminate wear and tear through all the operations in the process of each process requires specialized personnel to supervise; therefore, careful to do a loss of grinding manufacturing site induction statistics work is For the disappearance of grinding production, sales program harmony, production skills to improve, eliminate the quality of manufacturing quality improvement, etc., the supply of scientific analysis, research basis, and then to improve the solution to solve the problem of laying a useful foundation.
2, the disappearance of grinding manufacturing statistics work other than the statistical work comparable to eliminate the meaning of manufacturing, the effect is: not only from the surface of the simple data to understand or statistics of production progress, disappear grinding production quality and other practical results, After the statistics reflect the disappearance of the production of the data or induction, deep analysis, research, after each other, investigation, and further discover the disappearance of grinding manufacturing hidden questions, and then find the distance, easy to improve. Therefore, the statistical work method of eliminating the wear and tearing system, all, the circulation connection and the operation feasibility is very important. The planning of institutional tables (including the development of statistical work guidelines) is an important key to the use of statistical work.