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Heat - resistant cast steel hot - tinning method

Heat-resistant cast steel hot-tinned method as a welding material for heat-resistant cast steel defects welding test and found that heat-resistant cast steel after welding weld prone to cracks, heat-resistant cast steel seam white mouth serious, in order to solve the problem , So people have taken a hot preheating of hot-rolled cast steel attempt to try to do so will help solve the problem.
Industry in the formation of a variety of hot-resistant cast steel market positioning and heat-resistant cast steel market strategy to expand the strategy: to determine the product where the heat-resistant steel market segments, the overall market demand for China's total heat-resistant steel market and resistance Hot cast steel market capacity and prospects to make judgments.
We also understand that the excellent properties of the KIA casting method are that it can cast complex castings of various alloys and, in particular, cast high-temperature alloy castings. Such as jet engine blades, the streamlined profile and cooling with the cavity, with the mechanical processing of heat-resistant steel casting process is almost impossible to form. With the investment casting process can not only do mass production, to ensure the consistency of heat-resistant cast steel, but also to avoid the mechanical processing of residual stress after the knife.