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Large heat resistant cast steel enterprise describes

Heat resistant cast steel tin solder material as a method of heat-resistant steel welding defects attempts, found the weld prone to cracking after heat steel welding, heat-resistant steel weld white serious, in order to solve the above problems , so people took to the heat-resistant steel welding preheat the overall attempt to find this will help solve the problem.
Industry in the formation of various heat-resistant cast steel market positioning and market strategy expansion policies: where resistant cast steel product market segments, all kinds of heat-resistant steel for China's overall market demand and the total resistance hot steel market capacity and prospects judge.
We also learned resistant steel investment casting method Kia excellent characteristics is that it can cast complex castings of various alloys, in particular high-temperature alloy castings can be cast. Such as jet engine blades, its sleek profiles with the cooling cavity, heat-resistant steel with the machining process is almost impossible to be formed. Investment casting process to produce not only mass production can be done to ensure the consistency of the heat-resistant cast steel, and avoid the concentration of residual stress knife pattern after machining.
Heat-resistant steel because of its good workability, complex and diverse architectural style and other properties, the target in some large span space truss steel tube began to gradually promote the use, particularly in dealing with complex heat-resistant cast steel intersection node, heat-resistant steel has a unique advantage. However, due to the high heat-resistant carbon steel is generally equivalent, especially impurities S, P content is difficult to control, while the heat cast of coarse grains, resulting in poor heat resistance steel weldability, heat-resistant steel welding high process requirements, mainly to reduce the residual stress resistant steel, heat-resistant steel to prevent weld cracking.
Currently resistant steel have been used successfully in a number of important steel projects. Such as the construction of the sculpture and Technological Development Zone, has created the most heat-resistant steel welding thickness of the sculpture is a memorial to the construction zone area and the construction of landmark buildings, it is one of the key projects of days.
Heat-resistant cast steel sculpture designed with the double helix structure of ruled curved plate, cast steel using heat from the bottom tapering thickness, the thickness of 150 mm, the thinnest 20 mm steel thickness variation of the heat gradient processing, the total capacity of 350 tons of steel, the project in the special heat-resistant cast steel structure design, installation and welding has formed a complete set of technology and new technology, to fill the gaps in the structure of thick steel plate heat marks of the heat-resistant steel welding steel reached a new level.