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Muffler mill manufacturing statistics meaning and effect

It has been acutely aware of the muffler mill manufacturing industry statistics produced deep inner meaning, muffler manufacturing mill demonstrated the effect of infinity. This is because the muffler mill manufacturing process in the whole operation, after a series of invisible driving force, driven mill muffler manufacturing company operating standardized criteria can apply to be useful to expand.
1, muffler mill manufacturing is a particularity of production technology skills, muffler mill manufacturing process throughout the entire operation of each process requires specialized personnel supervision; therefore, careful to do induction muffler mill manufacturing site statistics work, for grinding muffler manufacturing capacity, marketing programs harmony, respect improve production skills, improve the quality of manufactured goods muffler mill, etc., provide a scientific analysis, based on research, and to improve and solve muffler manufacturing mill doubt useful foundation laid .
2, muffler grinding work of non-manufacturing statistics statistics comparable to other occupations, muffler manufacturing mill meaning effect: not only from the surface alone or statistical data to understand the production progress, muffler mill manufacturing quality performance results, and other practices, after a while more statistics reflect the muffler manufacturing mill or summarized data, the deep level of analysis, research, after another contrast, investigation further found that the muffler manufacturing mill recessive questions and find out the distance, easy to improve. Thus, muffler mill manufacturing system Bian take all, loop join, operational feasibility strong statistical methods of work is particularly important. Planning system of form (including the preparation of statistical work guidelines) are useful for statistical work more important key.